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MYTHOLOGY of Greek & Roman


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              30th April,2004



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        Zeus (Jupiter)  



                    Parents of Zeus    


                                     Zeus is the son of Cronus and Rhea.  In the prophesy, it said that a son of Cronus would overthrow him in future.  In order to prevent the prophecy coming true, Cronus ate all the child Rhea bear instantly after she gave them live.  However, Rhea was not happy with the arrangement.  Therefore, when she born Zeus, she decided to save his life.  She wrapped a stone which was cut in form of a baby in clothes and gave it to Cronus to swallow.


                                     Zeus was nursed by nymphs and spirits in his childhood.  And when he was in his manhood, his mother gave some medicine to Cronus.  The medicine caused Cronus to vomit the baby he swallowed before.  Zeus and his brothers and sisters joined together with some creatures, such as Cyclopes and Prometheus to fight against Cronus, Zeus's father and the Titans.

                                     The prophecy came true for Zeus did overthrow his father and became the Lord of Universe.













              Lovers of Zeus    

                                           Zeus has many lovers, both immortal and mortal apart from his wife, Hera.

                                   Zeus and his lovers led to many stunning legends, for example, Semele, Leda and Metis.  





               Areas Zeus governs &  Symbols of Zeus    

                                           Zeus is the chief God.  Thus, he judged between the Gods.  Also, he is the God of Sky and he rule the universe.

                                           Zeus's symbol is the thunderbolt.








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