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MYTHOLOGY of Greek & Roman


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              30th April,2004



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        Dionysus (Bacchus)  



                    Parents of Dionysus    


                                           Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele.  A mortal beautiful woman who caught sight of the Zeus.  However the jealousy caused Hera, the Queen of the Gods, to play a trick on her and suffer instant death.


               Areas Dionysus governs &  Symbols of Dionysus    


Dionysus is the God of Wine, Mysteries and Theatre.  He invented wine and spread the art of tending grapes.  he has a dual nature.  On the one hand, he bring joy and divine ecstasy.  On the other hand, it is brutal, unthinking and rage.  Thus reflecting both sides of the wine nature.




                                           His symbols are grape vine and ivy.








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