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MYTHOLOGY of Greek & Roman


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              30th April,2004



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        Athena (Minerva)  



                    Parents of Athena    



<Metis, who was believed as the wisest Goddess, even wiser than Zeus, became Zeus first wife.  They lived very happy together at first.  However, Gaia then prophesied that Metis would bear a son who would be the lord of heaven instead of Zeus.  Fearing the prophecy, Zeus played a trick on Metis intending to prevent the prophecy coming true.  He said he doubted Metis's power in changing her form in other shapes and object and would only convince if Metis turn into a fly before his eyes.  Metis turned into a fly immediately and Zeus seized this chance and swallowed her and got her wisdom too.

                                     When Metis was swallowed by Zeus, she was bearing a child.  After swallowing her, Zeus had a great headache which cannot be take away.  Zeus asked help from Prometheus.  Prometheus, knowing that the Gods are immortal and would not die, use an axe to cut open the head of Zeus.  And Athena, fully armed, leapt up from the top of his head.

                                      Therefore, Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis, the once wisest Goddess.













              Lovers of Athena    


                                           Athena, different from other Gods and Goddess, is a virgin Goddess.    


               Areas Athena governs &  Symbols of Athena    

                                     Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, War and Crafts.  She is fierce and brave in battle, but not aggressive.  Athena only fights to protect the state and home from outside enemies.  Also, Athena is the Patron of Athens, a Greek city.  And she is Goddess of Handicrafts and agriculture.  She invented the bridle, which permitted man to tame horses, the trumpet, the flute, pot, rake, plow, yoke, ship and chariot.  She is the embodiment of wisdom, reason and purity.







                                           Moreover, she is Zeus's favorite child and is allowed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt.

                                           Olive is her tree as Owl is her bird.  Her symbol are the Owl and Olive tree.





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