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MYTHOLOGY of Greek & Roman


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              30th April,2004



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        Artemis (Diana)  



                    Parents of Artemis    



Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto.  Her famous twin brother is Apollo, the God of Arts and Divination.




              Lovers of Artemis    

                                    Artemis once love a mortal man who was a hunter.  She love him so much that she neglected her duties to hunt with him and go wherever he went.  Her twin brother, Apollo, was not glad and try to persuaded her to leave him and love other gods.  Artemis did not listen to her brother and said that if she must, she would sacrifice her own immortality to live with her lover.

                                    Apollo then invented a plan.  One day, Artemis' lover went away to swim in the sea.  Artemis did not know that as she was sitting and talking with Apollo.  Apollo led her to the sea and pointed at a black point which was Artemis' lover when he swam so far away.

                                    Apollo said he did not believe Artemis could shot an arrow as well as him.  Artemis, indeed, was provoked by this statement and try to prove herself by asking Apollo to give a point for her to shot.  Apollo said he would believe in her skill only if she could shot the black point in the sea.  Artemis did not know it was her lover.  Therefore, she bent her bow immediately and shot the arrow.  The arrow, of course, killed her lover in an instant.

                                   When Artemis went to find her lover next day, she found him cold dead on the shore.  She was at first surprised in finding that it was her own arrow which shot him dead, but then she knew it was her brother's trick and she was very angry and sad.

                                   She tried in vain for Zeus, the chief God, and Hades, the King of the Dead, in order to re-survive her lover's live.  In the end, she put him with the star on the sky and give the appear of Archery.



















               Areas Artemis governs &  Symbols of Artemis    


Artemis is the Goddess of the hunt and animals and Protector of Children.  She herself always appears with her brother, Apollo and dress in clothes like a huntress.

                                    She usually carry a bow and her animal is the fawn.  Her symbol are the bow and deer.


















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