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MYTHOLOGY of Greek & Roman


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              30th April,2004



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        Apollo (Apollo)  



                    Parents of Apollo    

                                           Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto.  His twin sister is Artemis, the Goddess of Hunt and the Woods.


                    Lovers of Apollo    


He had a few lovers, but the most famous one is Cassandra, who is the princess of Troy.  Their love begin the art of prophesy among human.




                Areas Apollo governs &  Symbols of Apollo    


One of Apollo's important daily tasks is to harness his chariot with four horses and the sun and drive across the sky.  According to the myths, he forgave Hermes, the God of Merchant and Thieves, for stealing his sacred cattle but in return got the lyre, which is a musical instrument Hermes invented and can produce extremely beautiful music, and named the God of Music and Arts by Zeus.





                  He governs the music and arts with the nine Muses.  He is also the God of Sickness, so when plague broke out in Greece, People usually pray to him and ask if they angered him.  Moreover, he is the God of Archer, shooting far with silver bow, the God of Healing, teaching man to use medicine and the God of Light.


He is famous for his oracle at Delphi.  People traveled far and wide to it to seek advice and divine the future.  However, the answers always answered in prophesy which are difficult to understand.

                                           Laurel is his tree while the crow is his bird and dolphin is his animal.  In numerous legends, it is said that he himself also disguised as dolphin.  His symbol are the bow, lyre and laurel.







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