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MYTHOLOGY of Greek & Roman


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              30th April,2004



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        Aphrodite (Venus)  



                    Birth of Aphrodite    


There are two accounts of her birth in the myths.  One says she is the daughter of Dione and Zeus.  The other says that in the very beginning of the world, Cronus threw Uranus' genitalia into the sea, she rose naked out of the foam.  Her name literally means "foam born".  She was carried to the shore Cyprus by the West Wind and was clothed by the Seasons when she reached the shore as she was so beautiful.










                   Lovers & Husband   

                                 Aphrodite is very beautiful and nearly every god want her to be their wife.

Aphrodite's husband is the God of Smiths, Hephaestus.  However, her husband is not handsome  according to the myth (even ugly and lame some myths said) and she do not love him at all.  Their match was largely due to the "suggestion and advice" of Hera, the wife of Zeus.

                                          Her real lover is Ares, the God of War.  Aphrodite bore five children : Phobus, Deimus, Harmonia, Eros (the God of Love) and Anteros.  Hephaestus was fully aware of Aphrodite and Ares' ongoing affair but could do nothing about.  He did, however, conceive a plan to capture a plan to capture them together in a net made of gold and showed them to the other Olympians.  Most of them were embarrassed for the two or refused to get involved.  Aphrodite ended up sleeping with Hermes as a kind of "thank you gift" for freeing her from the net.  This union resulted in a child named Hermaphroditus.

                                          Another of Aphrodite's greatest loves was a man named Adonis.  From his birth, she saved him and placed him in the care of Persephone, the Queen of the Dead.  However, Persephone also fell in love with him and refused to give him back when the time came.  Ares' jealousy eventually caused the death of poor Adonis, but this is not the end of this love affair... 
















                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Adonis and Aphrodite



                    Areas Aphrodite governs & Symbols of Aphrodite    



          Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty and desire.  She governs desire, beauty and sexuality.  She is also known as Cytherea, Cypris, and Venus (Roman).  She is often pictured with a sceptre or a mirror.  In addition to her natural gifts, she has a magical girdle that can compel anyone she wishes to desire her.

           Her tree is the myrtle and her birds are the dove, the swan, and the sparrow.  It is said that she drive in a chariot which pull by the doves.  Her symbol are the myrtle, sceptre and dove.

          Her son is Eros, the God of Love.  In particular erotic, romantic love.  He is often represented blindfolded because love is often blind.  He is usually pictured as a baby with two wings on his back and a bow with two kinds of magical arrows.







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